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Our offer of solutions and services is based on skills and professionalism available for our customers in order to find ad hoc solutions to optimize business process efficiency

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GDPR Governance

The exaGDPR product is our proposal for the management of GDPR governance.

The offer integrates legal, organizational and technical assistance and consultancy services provided with the support of qualified partners (lawyers, data protection consultants and organizational consultants) aimed at adapting and maintaining the rules introduced by EU Regulation 2016/679.

Technical systems for the distribution of insurance products

The exaBroker product is our proposal.

ExaBroker building blocks can be the basis for the development of customized application solutions.

Digitization of documents and processes

The exaDOC document management system is our reference proposal.

The exaDOC building blocks can be the basis for the development of customized application solutions or integration into existing digital signature applications, replacement storage, certified electronic mail and electronic invoicing.

Multichannel processing of information

ExaDOC building blocks can be the basis for the development of customized application solutions.

exaDOC, equipped with appropriate plugins, can coordinate the multichannel information flow by providing information consultation and collaboration tools via user interface or application services

Report generation in PDF, word® and excel® format

During the development of our products and projects we have examined, adapted and integrated various software modules for the treatment of the most popular document formats. The building blocks created can be supplied as software components and as a server for the generation of documents in different formats.

Word® and Excel® are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, registered in the United States and other countries.

Integration of legacy devices in web applications

Our experience has led us to develop software modules for the management of various types of peripherals by web applications, finding the best integration strategy from time to time. We have extensive experience in using microprocessor cards.

Implementation of new applications

Experience, methodologies and the use of state-of-the-art technologies and tools allow us to face important problems, guaranteeing in a certain time the realization of solutions that can maximize the investment.

Maintenance and revision of existing applications

The interaction and the continuous use of open source solutions have accustomed us to quickly enter into harmony with different approaches to developing software modules. This experience is useful for us to quickly understand the structure of existing applications and be operational on them in a short time, evaluating the best strategy for maintenance and evolution.

Application services display

The assets of a company are often made up of legacy applications, sometimes dated, consolidated over the years; modern applications, on the other hand, require access to new generation application services. In these cases we create front end services that expose legacy applications with a new look, using the most modern architectural patterns.

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