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What we propose is the result of the work of a passionate, cohesive and reliable team

About us

A young company created by experienced professionals, reliable and attentive to customer needs, with the aim of offering effective technological solutions, in line with current market demands, with particular attention to regulations, regulations and security.

senior business analyst
Experience and ability to grasp the overall picture without neglecting the details, which make the difference.
senior technical architect
Passion and competence to find the best solution at the lowest cost, without compromising downward.
Always on the ball. Attentive to service continuity and customer satisfaction.
senior engineer
The ability to understand the right approach to an ecosystem of increasingly complex tools and languages ​​to make a synthesis that generates value.
administration and management control
A certainty.


The creation of value for our customers also passes through the skills of our qualified partners.

Alessandro Ronchi, civil lawyer, expert in legal issues concerning the digital economy and data protection. It offers personalized services, adapted to the business model and strategies for an effective implementation of the projects of its customers. Through his blog he promotes the confrontation, the debate on legal issues and the constant search for solutions consistent with the development of a digital society and economy.
Exacoding is a reseller partner of Avangate Italia Srl, a company with consolidated experience in the distribution of IT security solutions (antivirus, backup data protection, network security, ...). All products in the catalog are guaranteed through the Avangate Italia Srl Competence Center all-round support, training as well as technical documentation of the solutions.

Our team is assisted by a network of professionals who can provide specialized and targeted support on specific issues, be they regulatory, legal or technological.