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exaInsurance is the exacoding solution for the technical management of contracts in the surety branch by insurance companies operating in LPS or under the establishment regime. It offers support functions for all phases of the life cycle of surety policies.
The platform is customizable, it is interoperable with the information systems of Company existing and is available both in SaaS and on premises mode. The modules provided by the solution are the following:
  • personal data: subjects (contractors, policyholders, guarantors), intermediaries (personal data, commission agreements, ...), companies;
  • product configurator: warranty data, contractual file composition criteria and models (title page, general policy conditions, particular conditions, ...), workflow options (preliminary investigation and issuance of contracts);
  • portfolio management: issue of new contract, changes, management of renewals, releases, claims management;
  • administrative management: registration of premium remittances, calculation of commissions;
  • reporting and management dashboard;
  • integrated document services (archiving, digital signature, time stamping, storage in accordance with the law);
  • intermediary portal: support services for the management of the intermediary network (information, management of communications and requests)
  • integration with company systems;
  • Customers Reserved Area with access to services via SPID and CIE.
The professional services guarantee support in the setup phase, in the system start-up and management phase and allow to simplify and reduce the activation and maintenance times of the service. The configuration and activation operations of new products are greatly simplified, especially as regards the configuration of the contractual file. The solution integrates the support functions for the dematerialized management of pre-contractual and contractual documentation.

exaBroker is our proposal for distribution and management activities of the products insurance in accordance with the requirements of the reference legislation.
The modules provided by the solution are the following:
  • Distribution relationship management (insurance companies, intermediaries);
  • Management of personal data of subjects: policyholders, policyholders, guarantors;
  • Pre-contractual management: taking charge of requests, investigation and evaluation, predisposition proposal, contract conclusion, notification management;
  • Portfolio management: contractual changes, renewal management;
  • Dematerialized management of pre-contractual documentation and processing operations (digital signature, retention in accordance with the law);
  • Claims management;
  • Administrative management: recording of collections, remittances of premiums, commissions for collaborators, electronic invoicing (consultancy, commissions);
  • Management reporting and dashboard;
  • Intermediaries portal: information and support services for intermediaries partner;
  • Integration with company systems;
  • Customers Reserved Area with access to services via SPID and CIE.

exaDoc is a document system capable of responding simply and effectively to necessity of consolidation of the company's information assets.
The system, based on information visibility rules, offers each user specific visions of the data and participation, through collaborative workflow, in the construction of processes company.
Standard actions include digital signature operations that can be performed both with local signature certificates (tokens, smart cards) and with remote signature certificates. In the case of remote signature, the subscription operations may, depending on the application context, provide for single or massive management.
It is equipped with interfaces for the loading and consultation of data by legacy systems and its Plugin architecture allows you to interact with:
  • Standard conservation systems
  • Electronic mail management systems and certified electronic mail
  • Systems for remote signature of documents
  • Electronic invoicing management systems

SPID and CIE allow citizens to access the online services of Public Administrations and private entities with a unique Public Digital Identity. The use of SPID and CIE allow you to simplify identification operations in IT processes: their use is equivalent to recognition with request for a paper document and complies with the provisions of eIDAS regulation (EU Regulation No. 910/2014 on digital identity).
exaSpid is the simple and immediate exacoding solution for the authentication of online services through the Public Digital Identity System (SPID) and the Electronic Identity Card (CIE).
exaSpid is a multi "Client" application authentication proxy towards the SPID and CIE circuits, it is easy to integrate with a scalable architectural model and meets the needs of the single Service Provider or service aggregator.
The scenarios of use of the SPID and CIE circuits are many. Some examples:
  • access to the Web application services of the Public Administration and private individuals in a secure way and controlled without the burden of defining a dedicated credential management;
  • web applications (e.g. e-commerce) that must define new users not initially registered: with the SPID and CIE circuits it is possible to obtain the identification data with the certainty of user recognition (SPID currently makes a number of attributes available greater);
  • use of SPID and CIE in the field of electronic signature.
The exaSpid solution includes the following components:
  • exaSpid server - that executes the authentication requests of the on-line services towards the circuits SPID and CIE;
  • exaSpid service manager - service application to support the operations of administration;
  • SDK and documentation for the integration activities of the "Client" applications.

As an aggregator of "light" services, exacoding is able to simplify access to the non-circuit only from a technical point of view but also from an administrative point of view.

The proposal is completed by professional exacoding services that allow you to simplify and reduce integration, testing, start-up and service management times.

The solution is integrated with the exaBroker and exaInsurance platforms of exacoding for the management of access to the reserved area by the contractors.

The exacoding exaSign product is designed for the creation of electronic signature services via SPID and CIE.

More information on SPID

More information on CIE

exaGDPR is the platform that provides governance and support tools to activities foreseen by the obligations of EU regulation 2016/679.
It is aimed at companies and professionals and is equipped with the following modules:
  • Definition of the data protection organization chart
  • Asset definition and governance
  • Registri dei trattamenti (titolare, responsabile)
  • DPIA
  • Violation log
  • Register of requests from interested parties
  • Register of improvement projects
  • Register of training activities
  • Integrated document management
The offer is supplemented by consultancy services provided by qualified partners of the sector (lawyers, consultants data protection) to support the start-up and maintenance of GDPR governance.

exaSign is the exacoding solution that allows you to digitally sign documents computer through electronic signatures and qualified signatures. The solution:
  • simplifies the relationship with the various actors involved in business processes (customers, suppliers, collaborators, ...);
  • responds to the needs of corporate digital transformation by providing support to simplification and dematerialization of document management processes;
  • it can be easily integrated into management applications that can thus be equipped with electronic signature functionality;
  • integrates into the exacoding offer of solutions (exaBroker, exaInsurance, exaDoc) and services for the digitalized management of documentation within an organization;
  • has an impact on reducing direct and indirect costs (printing, shipping, archiving, administrative checks, ...);
  • integrates the management and storage of logs in which the detailed elements are noted relating to the signatures carried out and the evidence relating to the signature operations.
exaSign allows you to:
  • electronic signatures which provide for the identification of the signatory and the consolidation of the signed document as proof of its immutability after signature. The identification of the signatory takes place by sending an OTP code on SMS. The system is set up for management of the identification operations via SPID (Public Digital Identity System) and the affixing of advanced electronic signatures through CIE (Electronic Identity Card);
  • qualified Signatures which can be achieved through a certificate available on device local (token, smart card) or through the use of remote digital signatures issued by the Certification Aruba PEC Authority of which exacoding is CDRL.
To support the electronic signature functions exaSign also offers two more possibility of processing of documents:
  • the generation of signature areas on similar document families starting from a descriptor in able to interpret documents and position areas correctly;
  • support for filling in documents during signing.

exaSign can be used in SaaS mode available in the cloud on the infrastructure exacoding and can also be released in on-premises mode.

The SaaS mode assumes the purchase of an application instance immediately ready for use.

The on-premises mode, on the other hand, presupposes the installation of the application and the acquisition of a series of ancillary services provided by Aruba PEC and the possibility for the customer to partition the use of the system.

All exacoding solutions are customizable and available in the cloud, in saas mode, or on premises.