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exaBroker is our proposal for distribution and management activities of the products insurance in accordance with the requirements of the reference legislation.
The modules provided by the solution are the following:
  • Distribution relationship management (insurance companies, intermediaries)
  • Management of personal data of subjects: policyholders, policyholders, guarantors
  • Pre-contractual management: taking charge of requests, investigation and evaluation, predisposition proposal, contract conclusion, notification management
  • Portfolio management: contractual changes, renewal management
  • Dematerialized management of pre-contractual documentation and processing operations (digital signature, retention in accordance with the law)
  • Claims management
  • Administrative management: recording of collections, remittances of premiums, commissions for collaborators, electronic invoicing (consultancy, commissions)
  • Management reporting and dashboard
  • Intermediaries portal: information and support services for intermediaries partner
  • Integration with company systems

exaDOC is a document system capable of responding simply and effectively to necessity of consolidation of the company's information assets.
The system, based on information visibility rules, offers each user specific visions of the data and participation, through collaborative workflow, in the construction of processes company.
Standard actions include digital signature operations that can be performed both with local signature certificates (tokens, smart cards) and with remote signature certificates. In the case of remote signature, the subscription operations may, depending on the application context, provide for single or massive management.
It is equipped with interfaces for the loading and consultation of data by legacy systems and its Plugin architecture allows you to interact with:
  • Standard conservation systems
  • Electronic mail management systems and certified electronic mail
  • Systems for remote signature of documents
  • Electronic invoicing management systems

exaLegal is a technology platform for sharing legal services. A tool that simplifies dialogue and communication with the customer. The solution dedicated to law firms allows interaction with the professional and customer access to the contents of their practices in a direct and autonomous way. exaLegal is the result of collaboration with the RonchiLegal studio which supports exacoding in the development and evolution of the system with respect to the needs of law firms. The law firm is able to offer an innovative and quality service through the following features:
  • Formulation of consultancy requests also through request forms predefined by the firm;
  • Management of communications and documents between the parties;
  • Book of signatures for the digital subscription of documents starting from the appointment;
  • Direct consultation of the dossier archive by the customer;
  • Direct extraction by the Customer of the documents from the file;
  • Updating of documents by the Lawyer;
  • Supervision of obligations and deadlines;
exaLegal is a simple and intuitive web application that provides for autonomous management by the study of settings and management of customers. The services are available on the cloud platform and in "on-premises" mode. The system, built according to the technical and architectural reference standards, allows the use of services with a high level of security in compliance with the current data protection legislation.
The platform can be adapted to the specific types of practices treated allowing the use of the models adopted by the study. The offer also provides for the availability of ancillary services:
  • Customization of functions with the support of the RonchiLegal law firm;
  • Standard conservation services;
  • Supply of digital signature certificates;

exaGDPR is the platform that provides governance and support tools to activities foreseen by the obligations of EU regulation 2016/679.
It is aimed at companies and professionals and is equipped with the following modules:
  • Definition of the data protection organization chart
  • Asset definition and governance
  • Registri dei trattamenti (titolare, responsabile)
  • DPIA
  • Violation log
  • Register of requests from interested parties
  • Register of improvement projects
  • Register of training activities
  • Integrated document management
The offer is supplemented by consultancy services provided by qualified partners of the sector (lawyers, consultants data protection) to support the start-up and maintenance of GDPR governance.

exaSign exaSign is the web solution for the collection of digital signatures that allows management remotely controlled the electronic document subscription operations:
  • simplifies the relationship with the various actors involved in business processes (customers, suppliers, collaborators, ...)
  • it is integrated into the exacoding offer of solutions and services for the digitalized management of documentation within an organization
  • it contributes to the automation and simplification of document management processes
  • has an impact on reducing direct and indirect costs (printing, shipping, archiving, administrative controls, ...)

All exacoding solutions are customizable and available in the cloud, in saas mode, or on premises.